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Words on the 2012 Golden Globe Awards

Congratulations and other notes

Big Congratulations to:

Homeland for being the best drama on television (second to Breaking Bad), without a doubt.

Claire Danes, because she is what makes Homeland truly the break-out show of the year.

Idris Elba for finally be recognized for how outstanding he is - and making Luther such a fun show.

A Separation for being probably the best of the nominated films of the year and not just the best foreign film. This is a treasure of a movie.

Downton Abbey for continuing to be just wonderful as a TV miniseries.

Laura Dern for making Enlightened one of the best new TV comedies, even if if did have a slow start.

Other Congratulations to:

Christopher Plummer for his great performance in Beginners.

Peter Dinklage for bringing his brilliant talent and comedy to the great but somber Game of Thrones.

Woody Allen for writing an actually very funny script this year for Midnight in Paris.

Modern Family for keeping up its game.

I haven't seen The Descendants or The Artist so I have no idea whether or not to congratulate them.

Beautiful and talented women in green (and other colors)! Emma Stone, Claire Danes, Laura Dern, Evan Rachel Wood

And charming men: Bryan Cranston, Seth Rogen, Eric Stonestreet (The other men interview pretty boring)


Also, the BAFTA awards were announced. I haven't seen any of the nominated films so I can't really comment, but I'd like to give a huge congrats to Jonah Hill for his nomination for Best Supporting Actor in Moneyball. He was fantastic in that film (and in all his other films), and even though he won't win, a nomination is huge.




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