Striking Rami Malek & Obama in ‘Mr. Robot’s’ Latest Trailer

Mr. Robot has just released a new teaser for the second season, which premieres on July 13th and promises to be even more intense and high energy than its debut. Rami Malek is back in the lead and appears to be dealing with the fallout of the major hack that ended last season — that and the fact that he cannot remember what happened in the days that followed… We can assume it was not legal, adding more reasons to be fearful of  the FBI agent seemingly closing in on Mr. Robot and his team. Angela (Portia Doubleday) also looks to continue playing her own, dangerous game, and Elliot’s hallucinations of his father (Christian Slater) are still going strong, despite his knowing he’s a figment of his wild, genius, and dark imagination.

The first season had its flaws, with a few sketchy story lines and a bit too much visual splash failing to compensate for some undercooked subplots and characters. One thing, however, was for sure: Malek was a marvel to watch, his big beautiful eyes drawing you in while the complexity of the full-body performance exuded the mystery of a subtle fragility and moral ambivalence. I’m rooting for him to win in the acting category of the recently announced Television Critics Awards. Creator Sam Esmail is also back directing those de-centered frames, with the characters always crouched in the corner of the screen. The teaser and below trailer show that Mr. Robot will continue to be ambitious in its directing choices. Another feat: President Obama wages war against our lovely, hysterical, confused, but ultimately heroic hackers. Should be fun.

In the latest news, we learn Mr. Robot will be getting an after-show, Hacking Robot, much in the vein of The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. The show will also get two more episodes, for a total of twelve in this upcoming second season, out July 13th.


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