Radiohead+Yorgos Lanthimos+Denis Lavant in Great ‘Identikit’ Visual Vignette

This is pretty amazing. Radiohead has teamed up with the delectable Yorgos Lanthimos, the Greek filmmaker responsible for Dogtooth and, most recently, The Lobster (starring Colin Farrell is his best performance yet), for the visual vignette Identikit. The two creative giants have also brought along esteemed French actor Denis Lavant, famous for being Leos Carax‘s unique muse. Lavant kills the role in this 60-second Instagram music video. It’s a simple scene, until you slowly realize there’s much more going on than at first appears — a common occurrence in Lanthimos’s films, Lavant’s roles, and Radiohead’s music. Watch below to taste, or mime the tasting of, the fruits of the teaming of these great minds.

Next up in our series of vignettes is Identikit by Yorgos Lanthimos.

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