White Men to Direct All of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7


Game of Thrones just announced the four directors called upon for the upcoming season 7, which will also be the penultimate of the series. Despite the diversity easily found in filmmakers both domestically and abroad, the showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have named only white men. This is truly regrettable given the often troubling gender and racial dynamics on the series.

Alan Taylor is the most notable, for his Emmy-winning work on The Sopranos and his previous directing on Game of Thrones, including the powerful “Baelor” (in which the noble Ned Stark is beheaded in front of his daughters). He has also directed a couple of mediocre, at best, action movies, including Terminator: Genisys starring Emilia Clarke (a.k.a the Queen of Dragons).

Then there’s Jeremy Podeswa, known for his work on Boardwalk Empire. He directed the season premiere of season 6 of GoT, where we see Jon Snow resurrected in the most visually trite way possible.

Mark Mylod is another returning director who has also worked on Shameless and Entourage. It’s no surprise they asked him back after that great, and terrifying, Arya chase sequence in “No One.”

The newcomer to the series is Matt Shakman, who is known for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a comedy whose directing tends to add some significant comic layers . He’s also done work for Mad MenThe Good Wife, and Fargo.

Needless to say, the showrunners aren’t taking any risks this coming season by hiring fresh faces or really any faces that aren’t white and attached to a male body. They couldn’t even bother to look around the indie film world for some capable hands that haven’t already established comfortable positions within cable television. Shame. Shame. Shame.

There are thirteen episodes remaining to the entire GoT saga, and they’ll be spread throughout the next two seasons. Let’s hope the eyes behind GoT look a little different.


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